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castle-quard Edinburgh Castle. Dominating the City is the Castle dating from the 12th Century. Stunning views are to be had from its ramparts over the roofs of the Old Town, across to Princes Street and the New Town, further to the hills of the Lothian countryside and the Firth of Forth. Home of the Honours of Scotland- the Scottish Crown Jewels. Leading down from the Esplanade is the Royal Mile, dating from the 16th Century all the way to the Place of Holyroodhouse, a Royal Palace.

The Royal Mile. Leading down from the Castle Esplanade is Castlehill and the start of the Royal Mile. Tourist Attractions such as the Camera Obscura, the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre and souvenir shops by the dozen. Continuing down the Royal Mile you reach Parliament Square and the High Kirk of St Giles, and the City Chambers, temporary home of the Scottish Parliament. Before reaching Canongate and eventually the Palace of Holyroodhouse, with its beautiful park.

The Honours of Scotland

jewel-house The Honours of Scotland. Amongst them the Crown, Sword and Sceptre. The Sceptre was given by Pope Innocent VIII in 1491. View the fascinating Honours of the Kingdom Exhibition. Did you know that for over a hundred years they were lost, only to be found locked in a chest following a search led by Walter Scott in 1818. Since then, except for World War II they have been on public display. See the original chest in the Exhibition. Also the Stone of Destiny, Coronation Stone of so many Scottish Kings.

The Castle- its history

scottish-castle Perched on a 300 million year old volcanic crag- Castle Rock and the Royal Mile. Prehistoric hill fort, dark age citadel, medieval royal castle, still a working garrison. On our visit, the guard was provide by the 1st Battalion The Highlanders Captured in 1296 by the English King Edward I, recaptured for Scotland by Robert The Bruce's nephew on 14th March 1314. Birthplace of King James I of England, VI of Scotland.

great-hall One of the largest Castles in Britain, only Windsor is larger. St Margaretís Chapel oldest remaining building, dating from 1093, constructed in honour of the wife of King Malcolm III by her son King David. The Great Hall built by King James IV early in the 16th Century. Remodelled by the Victorians but the medieval timber hammer beam roof most impressive.

Dramatic views from the Battlements, over the New Town to the North, and the Old town to the East. Visit the Royal Apartments. Queen Maryís Chamber where she gave birth to the future King James I of England on 15ht June 1566. Crowned on 1603 King James didnít return to his city of birth until 1617. Records show elaborate refurbish of the castle took place immediately prior to that. The Carvings above the fireplace in the King's Dining Room

edinburgh-castle The Crown Room home to the Honours of Scotland- crown, sword and sceptre. The sceptre was given by Pope Innocent VIII in 1491. The Act of Union in 1707 states that they are to always remain in Scotland.

chapel-street gatehouse Free Audio Tours are available in many languages. As are guided tours providing a more personal insight into the history of this great Scottish Castle. Did you know that members of any Scottish Regiment can choose to be married in St Margaretís Chapel?

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